Who We Are


iArchimedes is a services company that brings together almost 70 years of leadership experience from within the Department of Defense, Fire Service, and commercial industry. We specialize in solving complex challenges that require innovative, tailored, and enduring solutions.


We draw from a vast network to form the best team for the job.

Our network includes strategists, thought leaders, technical experts, subject matter experts, connectors, mavens, persuaders, and doers. We take pride in our ability to work with our customers to fully understand their needs and strive to exceed expectations. We believe in partnering with our clients and coalescing around a shared vision of the future that most often involves a stronger team, with better insight, and the ability to self-replicate improvement.

Our Mission

iArchimedes was created by people who spent their lives in the service of their country & communities, and we draw from that same ethos as the foundation of our company. We are inspired by Archimedes who was a Greek mathematician, engineer, and most importantly a problem solver who gave his last breath in service to humanity.

We choose to provide services, which solve problems that are technical, organizational, or operational in nature. We love a difficult challenge and pride ourselves on devising calculated solutions.

COLLECT data | TRANSFORM information | DELIVER insights | ENGINEER innovative solutions