What We Do

iArchimedes is primarily an engineering services company that supports the federal government and commercial customers. We design and support systems that operate in the deep ocean. We perform hydrographic and bathymetric surveys around the globe.

Service Offerings

ocean Survey as a Service (oSaaS)

Hydrographic and Bathymetric Surveys

Delivering operationally relevant information about the undersea frontier to U.S. Government, com­mercial, and foreign customers. We perform hy­drographic & bathymetric surveys, mapping & GIS from ships, tow bodies, ROVs, & autonomous U/W vehicles (UUV/AUV). Sensors include multi-beam, sub bottom and synthetic aperture sonars, Conduc­tivity/Temperature/Depth (CTD), Electro-optical (EO) & laser line scanners. We have unique knowl­edge relating to using information about the ocean.


  • Multi-beam
  • Sub bottom
  • Multi or synthetic aperture
  • CTD
  • EO & Laser Line Scanner

Deep Ocean Engineering

Design and Operations

Engineering Services focused on deep ocean opera­tions that includes the sea floor and ocean column. We design, build & field deep ocean, seabed sys­tems. Using multi-disciplinary applied engineering we manage systems, electrical, mechanical, materials, and software engineering through concept, testing, ops, logistics & life cycle. We have the expertise to overcome the harsh environment deep below the wa­ter’s surface.

Engineering Disciplines:

  • Systems
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Materials
  • Software

Proven to Deliver Results

The principals at iArchimedes bring decades of experience in DoD, Public Safety, and contracted DoD support. In all cases, the stakes were high and falling short of mission was never acceptable. 

This is the ethos of the business: understand the problem, recognize customer expectations, and deliver timely, high quality results.