Our Founder

James Gray
CAPT, USN (ret)

  About Jim Gray

  • Nuclear submariner with 26 years of US Navy service
  • Retired as a Captain (O-6)
  • Proven successful, repeatable, and teachable customer engagement model that promotes two-way, insightful communication
  • Previous Naval Officer who served in most levels of the DOD including command at sea
  • Full life cycle of the DOD Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution cycle to include generating requirements through the JCIDS process, developing budgets to fund programs, and execution of the acquisition process
  • Organized and executed one of the largest live, at sea experiments in Navy history – Silent Hammer


  Passion for exploration of undersea as a frontier

  • Innovator in undersea systems & technologies
  • Understands the strategic importance of the undersea and seabed
  • Applies scientific method and  critical thinking to solve complex challenges 
  • Uses the Archimedes approach
  • Naval People Leadership combined with Corporate Strategic Leadership
  • Proven ability to grow teams, and grow companies